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Lil’ Ripper CEO


For your Little Throttle Thriller's dirt bike, mountain bike, and or BMX experience have them grind with the first Frameless SuperMag Youth Performance Versatile Built Goggle.


Created by the Youngest CEO in the Industry – Understanding the mechanics, importance and need for the Perfect Youth Performance Goggle! BC's Steez Futuristic Lil' Ripper Goggle defines Adaptability, Individuality, Strength, and Class.


Infinite Freestyle-Strap interchangeability for complete goggle customization, ultra-wide peripheral vision, and premium grade lens eliminating twisty distortion while increasing clarity for your favorite little throttle seeker. Our Full Throttle performance infrastructure configuration is enhanced with 10 Substantial Magnetic Connecting Points. The BC StabaBlock High-Tech Formation is Engineered to Intensify Stability and Optimize Support by Affixing to the Unmatched Magnetic SuperMag Quick Lens Mechanics.


Raise ‘Em Up and allow your Lil' Ripper to keep her wide open knowing whatever weather or terrain is endured on their next wild adventure they are only focusing on Twistin', Whippin', and Grindin'.


Inspire, Innovate and Create the Next Level Rider with providing them the highest quality youth goggle in the game. Dreams Do Come True, let your little enjoy endless terrain all day with the BC Pop, Swap and Rip best-in-class craftsmanship.


Building the Future, One Rider at A Time.


Yours Truly





Product Features + Details:

  • Premium High Performance Hard Case & BC Dual-Sleeve Storage Bag Included
  • Optimal Extra Wide Cylindrical Field of View
  • BC SuperMag Quick Lens & StabaBlock Technology
  • UV400+ and Anti-Fog Coating Protection
  • Stainless Steel Tear-Off Posts
  • Superhydrophobic Injection-Molded 2mm Impact & Shatter Resistant Lens
  • Enriched with Performance Multi-Flow Ventilation
  • Effective Moisture-Wick and Micro-fleece Absorbing Triple Frame Foam Comfort
  • Ultimate Integration with our Triple Wave 45mm Adjustable Anti-Slip BC Superstructure Freestyle-Strap for Complete Goggle Customization
  • Helmet Compatible and Over the Glasses (OTG) Compatibility Frame Accommodating Prescription Eyewear Within the Goggle Frame

Lil’ Ripper CEO

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