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Product Features + Details:

One Premium High Performance Hard Case Included

One Optimal Extra Wide Dual Cylindrical Anti-Fog Lens

One BC Triple Wave Adjustable Anti-Slip Strap 

Enhanced Optimal Anti-Scratch Lens Coating 

Designed Specifically With An Extra Wide Peripheral Field of Vision

BC SuperMag Quick Lens Technology

UV400+ Protection

Performance Multi-Flow Ventilation

Cleaning Cloth

BC Storage Bag

Helmet Compatible Frame

Over The Glasses (OTG) Capability


Every Product is BC White Glove Inspected before shipment.


BC Lens Visual Light Transmitted (VLT) Recommendations:

Best for Bright and Sunny Days:

Double Black Diamond - 6% VLT; Category 4

Black Chrome - 15% VLT; Category 3

Bluebird - 16% VLT; Category 3

Rose Chrome - 23% VLT; Category 2

Inferno Chrome - 20% VLT; Category 2


Best for Cloudy and Stormy Days:

Sapphire Chrome - 44% VLT; Category 2

Clear - 85% VLT; Category 0


*To ensure you’re ready for unpredictable weather changes please review our BC1 Pro Pack options including one complete BC1 goggle set + two additional lenses of your choice with various options. And or to add onto your epic strap design set up; check out our BC1 Lens Pro Pack options.


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