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Product Features + Details:

One Premium High Performance Hard Case Included

One Optimal Extra Wide Dual Cylindrical Anti-Fog Lens

One BC Triple Wave Adjustable Anti-Slip Strap 

Enhanced Optimal Anti-Scratch Lens Coating 

Designed Specifically With An Extra Wide Peripheral Field of Vision

BC SuperMag Quick Lens Technology

UV400+ Protection

Performance Multi-Flow Ventilation

Cleaning Cloth

BC Storage Bag

Helmet Compatible Frame

Over The Glasses (OTG) Capability

BC Lens Visual Light Transmitted (VLT) Recommendations:

Best for Bright and Sunny Days:

Double Black Diamond - 6% VLT; Category 4

Black Chrome - 15% VLT; Category 3

Bluebird - 16% VLT; Category 3

Rose Chrome - 23% VLT; Category 2

Inferno Chrome - 20% VLT; Category 2

Best for Cloudy and Stormy Days:

Sapphire Chrome - 44% VLT; Category 2

Clear - 85% VLT; Category 0


*To ensure you’re ready for unpredictable weather changes please review our BC1 Pro Pack options, including one complete BC1 Goggle + two additional lenses of your choice with various options. And or, to add onto your epic strap design set up; check out our BC1 Lens Pro Pack options.


Every Product is BC White Glove Inspected before shipment.


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