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Adding a little twist to your everyday essential gear, be unique; as not everyone is the same and embracing your own style is everything! Let us help you brand yourself, your career and or truly define your personality. 

You are your own, own it, share it, and believe in it. We’ve got you, let’s collab and make your very own custom BC Goggle lens. 

Create an eye-catching design with an expert in-house BC Graphic Designer willing to talk you through the process within a timely manner and get your personalized custom graphic on any of our BC goggles. 

Start out with picking one of our BCX Lens Colors, BC Strap Design, BCX Lens Graphic Color, filling in your name, phone number and email address. 

All of our products are made to order specifically for you and or your squad. Don’t see what you need? Let us custom make something for you!


Please note, customization is solely your own design. We collaborate with companies who have reached out to us requesting to work with their logo specifically. All company’s logo, registered trademarks, etc., have to be approved by the owner/business with written consent, contract and signature.


Product Features + Details

One Color Lens with Custom Graphic Design 

One Premium High Performance Hard Case Included

One Optimal Extra Wide Cylindrical Anti-Fog + Anti-Scratch Lens Coating

Industries Highest Quality Metal Tear-Off Pins

BC SuperMag Quick Lens Technology

UV400+ Protection

The Frame is Designed Specifically with A Magnified Peripheral Field of Vision

Enriched with Performance Multi-Flow Ventilation

Enhanced with Effective Moisture Absorbing Triple Foam Comfort

One BC Triple Wave Adjustable Anti-Slip Strap

Removable Strap Technology Enhancing Complete Customization

BC Storage Bag

Helmet Compatible Frame

Over The Glasses (OTG) Capability


*To ensure you’re ready for unpredictable weather changes please review our BCX Pro Pack option including one complete BCX goggle set + two additional lenses of your choice with various options. And or to add onto your epic strap design set up; check out our BCX Lens Pro Pack options.


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